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Military Metal Stamping | Defense Parts & Dies

Your mission-critical project needs a certified helping hand that can handle your details with care. We’ve got you covered – for nearly 45 years, MAINWAY has been a leader in defense and military metal stamping and die building.

No matter your run size, our state-of-the-art technology and processes can meet your non-negotiable specs on time and with the utmost precision. As a Controlled Goods Program registered company, we’ve passed rigorous checks and know how to keep your project confidential and secure.

MAINWAY’s military parts manufacturing services include:

  • Die design
  • Die fabrication
  • Die building
  • Production stamping
  • Value-added services
  • Repair & other die services
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Military Defense Stamping Products

Products | Military Precision Components

Add efficiency and IP security to your build by putting the process under one reliable roof. Along with CGP, we’re certified in ISO 9001:2015 and understand ITAR compliance for design and manufacture of:

  • Military vehicle parts
  • Firearm magazines

MAINWAY (formerly Burloak Tool & Die) owns an established track record in finding innovative ways to meet demanding product specs:

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Our Process – Military Metal Stamping & Tooling

A military-standard parts supplier should have expert command of its process – starting at home. To bring you reliable speed and results, MAINWAY keeps virtually every capability in-house at our strategic North American location.

  • Progressive, line, draw, & other die types – all of which we test and certify in-house
  • Discreet manufacturing – of components from proprietary military metals & other heavy-duty materials
  • Prototype, medium, & continuous runs – of intricate stamped parts for defense projects
  • Press sizes – 40-800 tons, with bed sizes up to 72x132″ & shut heights up to 50″
  • Storage of dies – for free

To truly appreciate how a supplier can improve your process end-to-end, see MAINWAY’s full capabilities list:

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